AVAYA Refurbished Phones
$59 and up.

AVAYA Phones

$99 and up.

Solid Hardware (IP500)

Starting at $349

Governed by the highest ethical standards, our company strictly maintains a policy of integrity, honesty, and professionalism with our work, and confidentiality for all our customers.

Wireless Phones

$99 and up.

Battery Backups

$75 and up.

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Gamma Communication Solutions, Inc.


We Use Only Certified Telecom Technicians

Gamma is an Authorized 'SPECTRUM' Partner. We actually sell Spectrum lines, hosted phones, Internet Services, Business TV and Cellular Services. Our pricing is the SAME as ordering directly from Spectrum.  Ask us for quote today.

Gamma has over 30+ years experience in providing Phone Systems (Key, Digital & VoIP), Cabling, and PC Network / Security Solutions. We offer only the best and most reliable hardware, software and services available.

Our solutions include:  latest phone systems (PBX & VoIP), Mobility (Android / iPhone apps), Employee Presence, 64-Party Conferencing, Recording Solutions, Voicemail Options, Voicemail to Email, Extension to Cell Phone, IVR, Call Center, Data Networks, Wireless and IP Video &  Audio Day / Night Surveillance Systems.